Traci Suppa

Award-Winning Writer and Owner of Wordscapes

Traci offers writing, editing and marketing services. She provides experienced and knowledgeable writing on a wide range of topics, including the tourism, hospitality, and retail  industries, as well as other “lifestyle” topics such as parenting, design, sustainability, entertaining, and more.  She specializes in brand journalism, content marketing, and copywriting on digital and print platforms. She is a former tourism marketer with 15+ years destination promotion experience.

Traci publishs a family travel blog, Go BIG or Go Home, as a humorous chronicle of what happens when her small-town family visits the “world’s largest”…whatever!

It Takes a Village... 

Any parent will tell you this is absolutely true. And isn't your business your baby? And don't you want the best for your baby? Of course you do - and I do too - which is why I have partnered with some incredibly talented individuals. 

You may ask, why with all the horn tooting going on in the previous pages about your own skill do you need to partner with anyone? You are awesome! You are the most skilled marketer on the planet! Men want to date you and women want to be you! You... sorry went off on a tangent there.

While I will readily admit I am good at what I do, I know when to defer to experts in areas that I have yet to master. These creative geniuses can enhance any project you need. I have collaborated with them and each time I am inspired by their professionalism and commitment.


Mike Ansbro

Owner Hopewell Data Services

Mike has more than twenty years experience in database marketing. They specialize in supporting three different entities: libraries, political candidates and small businesses looking to promote their message to targeted audiences.

The process is simple. We will take the time, at no cost to you, to evaluate your marketing communication needs. We then discuss your options with you and propose how we can help you. The cost to you will be discussed once there is a clear understanding of your requirements and once you have a clear understanding of what will be provided.

Key Services:

Managing Your Customer List and Customizing Databases

Renting Prospect Lists

Coordination With Print and Email Vendors

Email Campaign Deployment

Oonagh Power

Owner OP Communications

Oonagh is a proofreading master! She actually created a training manual for new proofreaders at Hewitt Associates. It listed all the levels of proofreading required for each document—from the obvious spelling and grammar review to the more sophisticated fact checking and design evaluation. Following the steps in the manual would ensure the client got what they paid for—a clear, consistent, and correct communication. 

Once Oonagh became a freelancer she realized that the real value of proofreaders isn’t tied to their knowledge of grammar rules or their awareness of design elements. It’s the peace of mind they provide to clients—an assurance that someone else cares about the quality of the communication, that a second set of eyes has looked at each word, that another reader has considered the logic and consistency, that someone else has done the math!

Did you read that? She will do the math! Literally. You never have to do math again if you don't want to! Plus she is ridiculously knowledgeable about grammar and words and stuff. But the math! It is my dream come true.

Full Service Marketing, Design, & Web Production