Fiona Santoianni, owner Enlightened Solutions

My family will eagerly tell you that I’ve been a fan of the limelight since day one—loudest baby in the nursery, first to sign up for lead in the school play, prone to wearing a sling for a week if I bumped my elbow. And while I might quibble with my family’s assessment of exactly how much my elbow hurt as a child, I admit that the limelight has been the focus of my career.

As an adult, and professional, I take my love of the limelight and focus that energy on my clients (although I do occasionally rock an arm sling). My goal is to help clients find their limelight—to hone in on what makes them unique and essential for their clients. I can help you craft and perfect your message using the best media for your needs and goals.

My client base varies from a car dealership to a psychic, and I’ve been tasked to create communications as basic as an editorial calendar for weekly email newsletters to a complex end-to-end marketing strategy.

As a business owner, I know first-hand how vital it is to grow by attracting and retaining the right client. I look forward to meeting with you to better understand your business and your goals. Together we can shine your limelight.

Exceptional Service


Every client is our top priority. We focus on one job at a time and we do it well. We consistently provide excellent work, offer exceptionally affordable rates, and deliver truly superior quality designs.

We roll out the red carpet for your project, whether it is a one-time brochure or an ongoing project management. 

About Us

Enlightened Solutions is a boutique design company that focuses on creative concepts, branding materials and website design. - my elevator pitch! Nailed it.

Full Service Marketing, Design, & Web Production

even more about me, because I am just that interesting 

I opened Enlightened Solutions in 1999 and the past 15 years have brought me a diverse range of clients, tremendous learning opportunities, growth and some great laughs. I get to create radio and TV commercials (and direct the talent). I have learned about quilting, mediation, personal training and what it takes to be an inventor. 

I truly have the coolest job in the world. I get to immerse myself in your business - find out what makes it work and what doesn't; figure out your customers needs and help you fulfill them. I get to be a lawyer, a builder, an author... talk about fun!

I am sure you have figured out at this point that I am skilled at tooting my own horn. Picture taking that energy and drive and focusing it on your business! My expertise includes web design, logos, public relations, advertising, book composition, catalogs, newsletters, technical illustrations, proofreading, preparing files for web use, and managing projects from concept to printed piece.

Here are the facts:

I have over 25 years of professional experience in Marketing, Design and Public Relations.

My years in the corporate world honed my skills in all areas of marketing production, design, and editing. I look at what makes you stand out from your customer’s point-of-view and then, drawing on years spent as a marketing professional, I give you the unique words/design that clearly demonstrate your added value to your customers and clients. 

In 2003, with a 3 year old son, I saw a need in my community - I opened a specialty toy store in Wappingers Falls (Toys and More). During my 5 years as managing partner, the store was honored with many awards including, “Best Toy Store in the Hudson Valley” and was picked twice as part of the Holiday Hot Toy List in Time Magazine. During this time I learned a tremendous about the retail world and entrepreneurship.  

As a business professional I know how vital it is to grow by attracting and retaining the right client, not just any client. Once I understand your goals and the clients you wish to reach, I will offer creative marketing solutions that leverage your business dreams in just the right way. I know how to get attention - Hello? Arm sling?!

I work from my fully equipped home office or I can work on site with you. BUT that is not all - I am partners with a

multitude of talented consultants and printers. Seriously, these people are crazy talented and I get to work with them,

which means you can too! Bonus!

I am also ridiculously into Halloween. Seriously. I would love to come back in my next life as a movie makeup person.